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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Differences between Javascript and Typescript.

Javascript :

  • It is a scripting language.
  • Here is no static typing.   ex: var num ; 
  •  It don't have  Interfaces .   
  • It has no optional parameter feature  . 
  • It has no Rest Parameter feature. 
  • No Generics support. 
  • No Modules support. 
  • Here Number, String, etc are Objects.
Typescript :
  • It is object oriented programming language(not pure).
  • Here is static typing(We can declare a variable in multiple ways). ex: var num : number;
  • It has  Interfaces.
  • It has  optional parameter feature .
  • It has  Rest Parameter feature.
  • Supports Generics.
  • Supports Modules . 
  • Here Number, String, etc are Interfaces.


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